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Officially breaking into the music scene 

in July of 2014, Marco Turo took New 

England by storm. His ever-present 

charismatic charm and heart and soul 

make his delivery exhilarating, and his 

audiences engaged and energized. 

Marco decided to hang up the apron of 

his successful restaurant and follow his 

passion to do what he truly loves to do 

- to sing with all his heart, ultimately 

delighting his audiences. Marco 

performs regularly from Boston to Boca 

Raton approximately 250 nights a year 

in all types of venues. Marco's true 

passion comes out when he is on stage 

with a live band of musicians. Marco 

has performed in various casinos 

including Foxwoods, Plainridge Park , 

Mohegan Sun and casinos throughout

Atlantic City . Marco's love for his Italian 

heritage truly shows his best when he is 

performing at various Italian Feasts 

throughout Florida , Rhode Island and 

Massachusetts and his favorite venue in 

Providence RI , Constantino’s Venda 

Ristorante and Bar.

Marco is a native of Shrewsbury Street 

in Worcester Massachusetts. His 

childhood memories of eating family 

meals with the sounds of Frank 

Sinatra, Dean Martin, and countless 

other legends playing in his home 

became the stimulus for his singing 

career. Marco's ability to sing any genre 

only rivaled by his accomplished 

renditions of the songs of Michael 

Buble’, Elvis Presley, and Engelbert, to 

name a few. Marco Turo's passion for 

music brings sentiment, romance, and 

excitement to his innovative shows. 

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